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Sales Innovation Seminar 2017

HOW TO PUNCH ABOVE YOUR WEIGHT If you would like to win more business from larger organisations then this is a must attend Seminar.

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Driving Financial Performance Public Workshop

This one day workshop brings financial management to life through a simple and profound model of a company having to face up to some tough challenges. It invites everyone to think like a business owner.

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Value House Sales Workshop

If you have a sales or business development role and sometimes find it difficult to differentiate yourself from your competitors; or that you regularly caught in a price war – then this programme is for you.

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Great With Groups Public Workshop

A one day intensive and experiential small group programme for people who want to improve and practise their presentation skills, build personal confidence and overcome nerves when making presentations or speaking up at

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Time Power Workshop

The internationally acclaimed Time Power system has influenced thousands. Participants have attained remarkable results and have maintained success years after attending this powerful workshop. It is a logical, easy to follow one day experience

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You have survived the downturn... but are you in shape for what's coming?

The evidence of previous recessions suggests that surviving the downturn is only the beginning; the real challenge comes in dealing with the risks inherent in the uncertainty that follows. What will it take to secure your short and long-term future?

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