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At be more effective we believe training alone is unlikely to increase people’s performance or sales results.  We will work with you to engage your people in the analysis of the current situation and the creation of the ideal state.  The solutions demystify the sales process, get straight to the heart of why buyers buy and deliver immediate improvements.

Bid Presentation Coaching
Do you have to do more bid presentations these days? Are some of your bid team members not used to dealing with clients or presenting?

Sales Management
Sales managers exist to get a sales team to achieve and exceed targets. Enhancing your sales management skills will directly impact sales performance.

Face to Face Sales
Do you have to win business in face to face meetings..?

Key Account Development
Are you an experienced sales executive who is being asked to target and develop specific accounts..?

Winning Business by Phone
Do you have to win business by phone? Having trouble with gate-keepers? Do you have to overcome negative prospects?

Writing Successful Proposals
Do you have to write or contribute to proposals, tenders or bid to win business..?

Negotiation Skills
Do you feel that sometimes you start out from a losing position..? Can you change negotiation style easily part way through..?

Empathy Selling
We all do things in different ways. We all communicate in different ways. Just consider how the different in communication style between your boss and a grandparent.

The Value House Sales Workshop
If you have a sales or business development role and sometimes find it difficult to differentiate yourself from your competitors; or that you regularly caught in a price war – then this programme is for you.

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