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Our personal solution portfolio will help you improve your performance whatever your needs.  A broad range of personal effectiveness solutions are packed with up-to-date approaches that will provide you with improved confidence and capability to enrich your natural talent.

Essential Project Management
Are you involved in or have to initiate new projects? Are you attempting to optimise the plan allocation and integration of multiple resources, time and budgets to meet pre-defined objectives?

Advanced Project Management
Are you involved in increasingly complex project planning and implementation? Does your existing formalised project management and programme methodology need updating?

Do you want to project a more positive and confident manner? Do you have team members who need to express themselves more effectively?

Time Management
Do you find you are busy - busy - busy and yet you never get around to doing the things you really wanted to..? Not enough hours in the day..?

Great With Groups
A one day intensive and experiential small group programme for people who want to improve and practise their presentation skills, build personal confidence and overcome nerves when making presentations or speaking up at

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What would you like to be more effective at?

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