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Some would say Leadership is about anticipation, some would say it’s about decision making in the moment. Either way without leadership, most teams, and most companies will fail. In today’s climate with all the pressures on numbers and results, a leaders ability to engage, align and motivate his or her people and teams is needed now more than ever unless of course you prefer to get out the big stick...

Influencing Skills
Do you lead, manage or supervise others..? Do you find it a challenge to get everything you need from suppliers, sub-contractors or colleagues..?

Coaching Skills
Do you want to get the very best from your team or individuals? Do you need to improve overall performance?

Delegation Skills
As a manager, supervisor or team leader the ability to delegate effectively is one of the most important management skills. Do you often feel it would be easier and quicker to do things yourself..?

Performance Management
As Managers, Supervisors or Team Leaders you often face the challenge of managing other people and their performance. Do you feel confident in those situations and conversations?

The 24 Hour Leadership Challenge
Can you get people to follow you? How easy is it for you to combine the strengths of others into an effective unit? What about keeping an eye on the big picture as well as the detail?

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