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Leading Change

Every business undergoes change at some point in their journey through the growth or maturity cycle. Although change is a necessity, and generally has the intention of keeping the businesses sharp and growing, many people view change negatively. The goal of implementing change is to lead positive change efforts that involve, engage, align and motivate employees to move forward with the organisation and not become a passenger who sits to one side and waits for things to go back to normal or worse some one who resists or activity underminds the change.

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Whether you need thousands of people to embrace a new strategy, or several teams of people to improve their business acumen, you need them to think and act differently. Changing behaviours and habits is not simple and yet is often the key to delivering successful change initiatives that transform performance. Many organisations invest more energy on perfecting new policies/strategies and processes than on the people challenges of implementing them effectively, which often results in resistance and even sabotage.

Four Essential Foundation Stones

Around 70% of change initiatives fail and the largest percentage fail because one or more essential foundation stone is overlooked. These are

How can we aid you..?

Working as part of your team we provide you with a range of business simulation, tools, coaching as well as learning programme all designed to involve your people. The guiding principle behind our work is that we cannot simply tell someone to change, no one can make another person absorb knowledge or change behaviour we each must create our own.

Business Simulations

Our powerful engagement business simulations turn traditional approaches on their head; they are fun, challenging and they work. The purpose of any simulation is to enable your people to experiment with reality, without ruining your business. They’re fun. They’re challenging. People make decisions and compete—for customers…talent…market share…profits…the next big idea… In the end, everyone wins because our business simulations are not just games. They are self-contained learning experiences in which we recreate real workplace or operational environments and give people the opportunity to test new skills and knowledge—and make mistakes—in a fun, safe environment.

Apples & Oranges 
Key themes: Business finance, cash flow, business efficiency.
Participants at all experience levels learn the cornerstones of business finance, including how to monitor cash flow, make better use of resources and how they make 
an impact on results in balance sheets and income statements in their day-to-day work.

Key themes: Customer segmentation, strategic planning, brand building.
The tough challenge in business today is dealing with uncertainties. In this fast-paced simulation, teams must prepare and implement strategies to capture and retain customers in competitive markets while ensuring both short-term profit and long-term value

Key themes: Offering, markets, operations, customer strategy, growth and sustainable profitability.
When times are tough business people need to think constructively and act decisively. Participants develop a shared understanding of what their organisation is up against and to see the opportunities rather than the limitations.

Decision Base
Key themes: Strategic planning, teamwork, business finance.
Teams go head-to-head in a competitive battle to manage the strategic, operational & financial variables of a company. Along the way, they experience how the decisions of key people influence the entire organization and why it’s so important to be pulling in the same direction

Key themes: Employer branding, knowledge valuating, finance.
Traditionally, companies are valued and developed around their tangible assets – products, property, production centers, etc. In Tango, teams develop, manage and measure hard-to-value assets such as relationships, skills, knowledge and image, and compete not only for clients, but for employees as well.

Key themes: Project insight, proactive behavior, teamwork, decision-making.
Project work is challenging because it often involves a variety of stakeholders – and the wisdom to involve them at the appropriate points. Participants learn the elements of managing a successful project start-to finish, including stakeholder management

The Medici Game
Key themes: Innovation, creativity, organizational climate.
Who generates innovation? Everyone, when they know how. Participants learn how to reevaluate their working processes and open their perspectives to influences from different cultures, genders and professional fields so they foster breakthrough ideas.

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