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Internal Communication

Internal communications can be defined as the direct two way communications between employers and their staff. Effective internal communication - which can be said to be "downward, upward and horizontal”, is a vital means of addressing organisational concerns. Effective internal communication has been shown to help improve employee engagement through; increased job satisfaction, safety and decreased absenteeism, grievances and staff turnover. Such improvements are linked to improved productivity and overall profitability.

What are the benefits of effective internal communication?

Internal communication isn't some warm and fuzzy optional nicety it is the lifeblood of any organisation. If blood of the right quality doesn’t circulate at just the right pressure and speed to all parts of the human body, those parts slow down and could stop working altogether. The body could then become sick and die…

An organisation where communication doesn't flow freely is no different. Whether an organisation has two or 200,000 employees, its ability to achieve its business objectives depends on how well it engages, aligns, and motivates its employees.  Depending what research you buy in to, somewhere between 30% and 80% of all corporate change initiatives fail to achieve their objectives. Whatever body of research you read one of the main reasons will be poor communication within the team and or the enterprise at large.

Effective internal communication helps the organisation to meet its objectives. It is the vital link that encourages everyone to deliver on their responsibilities. Communication is not just the language; it involves trust, relationships, control and delegation. The ability of a company to carry on an effective dialogue with its employees directly affects the bottom line performance, driving such objectives as productivity, quality, safety, customer loyalty, and employee retention. p>

Most experts on organisations, management and leadership, assert that effective internal communications is a key factor in the effectiveness of any type of organisation. Most CEO, HR professionals and consultants agree. How about you?

How can we aid you..?


We help you clarify your organisation's ambitions and align those in leadership with that vision, it's values and goals. We advice organisations on how to communicate more effectively to ensure full implementation of their strategies and to bring their values to life in the hearts and mind of all associates. We devise employee communication strategies and plans that work and help you implement them. We help you develop internal processes, channels and messages that provide clarity of direction through more effective communication.

Internal Communication Processes

Our Optimal Process of Communication is a comprehensive range of exciting, proven and cutting edge approaches to internal communication that cover everything you could possibly want when it comes to delivering top class internal communications initiatives. The approaches are like and empty box, they are each in fact an empty process. All we need to add is you. Your objectives, message and organisational structure. The internal communication approaches include; Workout programmes, World Cafe's, Team Briefs, Bottoms-Up, and our own unique OPC Programme.


Thought provoking learning solutions delivered as a one or two-day event, enables participants to explore best practice and apply them to their organisation. They will enable you to move from implementer to trusted adviser providing you with key tools for influencing business performance through internal communication.

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