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Employee Engagement

What is an engage employee? ~ Someone planning to marry?

A fully engaged employee is intellectually and emotionally bound with the organisation, gives 100 percent, feels passionately about its goals and is committed to live by its values. This employee goes beyond the basic job responsibility to delight the customers and drive the business forward. Moreover, in times of diminishing loyalty, employee engagement is a powerful retention strategy. The truth of the matter is that employee engagement does have a strong tangiable impact on the bottomline. 

The most valuable resource of a company walks out of the door every evening and sometimes it comes back. This is of particular importance in knowledge and service based industries. The quality of output and competitive advantage of a company depend on the quality of its people, their sharing of knowledge and contacts.

In a highly competitive market for both customers and talented staff, employee engagement is the current Holy Grail. Maximum productivity for most organisations does not come from a satisified or happy employee; the most productive and loyal employee is known as an engaged employee.

Employee Engagement is the means or strategy by which an organisation seeks to build a partnership between the organisation and its employees such that everyone fully understands and is committed to achieve the organisations objectives and the experiences the respect by the orgnisation for their own personal aspirations. It is seen largely the organisation’s responsibility to create an environment and culture conducive to this partnership.

Employee engagement is creating greater motivation within the employee for the work they do and increasing the feeling of commitment to the organisation. It is about creating an enthusiasm for their roles, their work and the organisation, and ensure they are well aligned to the values of the organisation, well informed and well integrated with their colleagues and the fabric or culture of the organisation.

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We advise organisations on how to drive business performance, implement change and engage with their employees. helping our clients to produce immediate and sustainable changes in performance. Working from the inside out, the in-house angle ensures everything we do is based on your reality not idiologic theory. While our years of experience in the field has meant we've accumalted a bank of proven solutions we will not attempt to retro-fit something off the shlef. You situation and needs are unique. We can help you develop something specific to your situation and issues helping you develop and execute bespoke employee engagement campaigns.

Employee Engagement Programmes

We have a comprehensive range of exciting, proven and cutting edge approaches to employee engagement that cover the vast majority of options when it comes to delivering top class employee engagement initiatives. The employee engagement approaches include; a range of Business Simulations, Alignment Programmes and Internal Communication initiatives. 


Thought provoking learning solutions delivered as a one or two-day event, enables participants to explore best practice and apply them to their organisation. They will enable you to move from implementer to trusted adviser providing you with key tools for influencing business performance through employee engagement.

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